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What they say about


                                                         “Emo-Demo was very
                                                         interesting because in each
       “In our village, many pregnant   “Before I found out about   game, there was always
       women still believe in the   Emo-Demo, the Posyandu   something that made me go
       myth that eating fish during   sessions tended to be boring   “whoa!” (new information
       pregnancy will make their   because I was a passive   and a moment of surprise).
       baby smell like fish. Ever since   listener. However, there were   I was also able to interact
       the Emo-Demo program was   games in Emo-Demo that   directly with the mothers and
       implemented here, that myth   you could participate in. It   they were very enthusiastic.
       is slowly disappearing. The   was so fun. It also helped   Compared to the one-way
       mothers are more encouraged   me remember the health   delivery method, Emo-Demo
       to eat more nutritious food   messages given in the   was better in changing the
       during their pregnancy.”  sessions.”              mothers’ behaviour”

       Abdurrahman,             Uswatu Hasanah,          Triwahyu Setyowati,
       Kertonegoro Village chief  Emo-Demo Training Participant  Trainer

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