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Letter from the Editor

                                            Indonesia  is famous for its  abundant natural
                                            resources. However, every year, Indonesia still
              3  Letter from the Editor     struggles with addressing malnutrition. This
                 Table of contents
                                            is due to a lack of awareness and knowledge
                                            from mothers and expectant mothers on the
              4  Preventing Stunting with   importance of exclusive breastfeeding, diet
                                            diversity and balanced nutrition feeding for
              6  Emo-Demo Modules           children under two years old. GAIN, partnering
                                            with the Directorate of Community Nutrition
                                            of  the  Ministry  of  Health  of  the  Republic  of
              8  Scientific evidence of     Indonesia, offers an innovative behavior change
                                            program called the Emo-Demo program.
                 effectiveness Emo-Demo
                 for change behavior
                                            This edition is about the Emo-demo (or Emotional
                 What They Say about        Demonstration)  approach,  an  innovative
             10 Emo-Demo                    behavior change communication approach
             11  Series of Emo-Demo activities  proven effective in improving infant and
                                            young child feeding behavior among mothers.
                                            Additionally, this edition contains testimonies
                                            from beneficiaries of the Emo-Demo programs,
                                            photographs from various field activities and
                                            many interesting stories.
            GAIN is driven by a vision of a world   Please enjoy!
            without malnutrition, in which all people
            have access to and consume nutritious   GAIN Indonesia
            and  safe food.
            GAIN’s mission is to advance nutrition
            outcomes by improving the consumption
            of nutritious and safe food for all people,
            especially the most vulnerable to

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