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Preventing Stunting

       with Emo-Demo

        ndonesia is famous for its scenic nature and
        rich, abundant natural resources, blue seas,
      Iand green fields. That said, malnutrition is
       still one of the issues that persist in Indonesia’s
       development,  especially  among  infants.
       Moreover, Indonesia’s children experience a   The Emo-Demo  approach was  selected as a
       double burden of malnutrition.       behavior change approach based on the results
       After an effectiveness study phase in 2014-  of the 2018 Basic Health Research (RISKESDAS)
       2017, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition   by The Ministry of Health of the Republic of
       (GAIN) Indonesia perfected the Emotional-  Indonesia, where 13.8% of children under
       Demonstration program (Emo-Demo) to support   five years old experience moderate wasting,
       the government in preventing child stunting.  3.9% severe wasting, 30.8% stunting, 10.2%
                                            underweight and 8% overweight/obese.

                                            48.9% of pregnant women are anemic, 84.6% of
                                            which fall between 15-24 years old. One of the
                                            government’s efforts in tackling these nutrition
                                            issues is by establishing the 2018-2024 National
                                            Strategy on Accelerating Stunting Prevention
                                            (STRANAS STUNTING)
                                             children under five years old
                                             experience moderate wasting
       The Emo-Demo program                  severe wasting
       focuses on five key behaviors:        8%
       1. Exclusive breastfeeding            over weight / obese  48,9%
       2. Balanced complementary feeding     10,2%             pregnant women
                                                               are anemic
       3. Selective snack provision for children   under weight
       4. Nutritious diet for pregnant women                   84,6%
        (i.e. chicken liver, egg and fish, also known as   30,8%  of which fall between
        ATIKA)                               stunting          15-24 years old
       5. Handwashing with soap
            Emo-Demo, or Emotional          With its 32% stunting prevalence (RISKESDAS
         Demonstration, is an innovative    2018), the East Java province was the province
         behavior change communication      with the second-highest stunting prevalence in
                                            Indonesia. East Java was selected as the region
         approach that has been proven      where the GAIN-Ministry of Health partnership
         effective in improving infant and   program was first implemented, namely in 4,494
          young child feeding behavior      posyandu (integrated health posts) in five districts
                among mothers.              in East Java: Bondowoso, Jember, Probolinggo,
                                            Trenggalek and Surabaya.
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