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This program used four main approaches, mainly:   1. GAIN Indonesia uses an emo
       1. Building commitment and capacity                 demo approach in its PMBA
       2. Training Posyandu health volunteers (kader)      behavior change program
       3. Providing materials and tools for performing the IYCF Emo-  2. The Emo-Demo training
        Demos                                              modules have been adopted
       4. Monitoring the program implementation in posyandus and   as a part of the standardized
                                                           curriculum for health workers
        evaluating the program methodology through the Most   training in Indonesia
        Significant Change (MSC) tool, which was a tool for qualitative   3. Challenges for the Emo-Demo
        monitoring. The evaluation was done by collecting baseline and   program included multi-
        endline data                                       stakeholder partnership and
                                                           scaling up the program
       Emo-Demo provides guidance for participatory activities to convey   4. A future challenge for the Emo-
       simple health messages in fun and emotionally moving ways,   Demo program is integrating
       making  these  messages  memorable  and  impactful  compared   the approach into an accredited
                                                           e-learning material for health
       to other conventional behavior change strategies. Emo-demo is   workers
       developed into interactive games, which minimizes one-way health   5. GAIN is currently developing
       information-sharing through lectures. In each Emo-Demo game,   an online application for
       a moment of shock or surprise is created, which encourages the   future Emo-Demo program
       participants to rethink their behavior and heighten certain emotions   implementations to support the
       attached to the target behavior. In several areas in Indonesia, for   Emo-Demo training
       example, a culture of breastfeeding, as opposed to giving formula
       milk, is perceived as behavior that signifies maternal love for
       their infants. This is the kind of perception that we use to move
       the mothers’ emotion by encouraging bonding with their infants
       (through breastfeeding).
       After successful implementation in five districts/city in East Java,
       the Emo-Demo program was then adapted for 38 other districts/
       cities. The expansion of the Emo-Demo program is seen as one
       of the ways of supporting the Ministry’s Healthy Life Community
       Movement (GERMAS) and the National Movement on Accelerating
       Nutrition Improvement in the First Thousand Days of Life (Gerakan
       1,000 HPK).
       To support the Emo-Demo training, the GAIN team is currently
       developing an interactive game or application for behavior change
       on nutrition for pregnant women and under-five children, with the
       aim to escalate the national adaptation of the Emo-Demo approach.

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