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Emo-Demo Modules

       GAIN has developed 24 Emo-Demo game modules which are
       grouped into 6 categories based on the behavior of the target
       you want to change.


           Breast milk  Ready to go  Mother and child   Breastfeeding
           is enough               bond    position and latch

           Save with  Enough breast   Breast milk   Colostrum for
           breast milk  milk for the first 6   production  my baby


         Wash your hands   Wash your hands  The importance of   Germs on
           with soap  even if they  washing hands  my hands
                      look clean

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             for more details

       To ensure the Emo-Demo reaches the target, GAIN trains Emo-Demo to posyandu
       cadres, because they will deliver Emo-Demo at posyandu.
       The training is carried out in stages (tiered training), namely:
       1. Training for Master Trainers (MOT)
       2. Training for Trainers (TOT)
       3. Cadre Training
       Tiered training is GAIN’s strategy to implement Emo-Demo in large area with limited resources.
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